Monday, 21 November 2011

Information-related behavior

We're sitting in class creating diagrams about seeking information.

I'm thinking about what I did last night, which was an evening at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.  Brittany is always going on about Hyde Park...  Saw Cirque Extreme and was thoroughly impressed by a woman who juggled all sorts of things (some of them flaming) with her feet.  It looked like a steam punk circus.

Also, Susan sent me this article about the 2011 Boring Conference.  Alas, it's sold out.

There was a cat on my doormat last night.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

I blog

Well friends, too many things to recount.  I see I've neglected this blog for almost a month.  Remember I had to move to Angel?  Then life exploded.  Good times were had.  Let me try to recount some random moments:

Stared down by sinister baby on tube.  At no other point have I ever felt like a baby was reading my mind or looking into my soul.  Creepiest.  Thing.  Ever.

Achieved good marks on assignment.

Starting to think I will switch to Information Science.  A bit more technical.

Have now watched tons of bizarre tv.  Do not care for The Only Way Is Essex.  You gotta search for Virgin School on youtube.  Big Brother is a giant waste of time.  Phoneshop is totes hilar.  The Misfits looks good but I want to start at the beginning.

Terry is still good at astrology.

Croydon is bit crazy.

Flogging Molly put on a good show.

I can buy cranberry and vodka in a can.

British meat is still suspect.  I've been eating a lot of pork / bacon because beef is so bleh.  Cheese is still good.

I'm getting to know a variety of ciders.  I had a South African one called Savannah Dry the other day.

My flatmate, Dukana, is very fun.  We mostly watch bad tv together and laugh about random crap.  She's good at telling me what to wear when I need advice (which is all the time).

I spend a lot of time with Meghan, Brittany, and Jonathan.  Going out with Meghan, studying with Brittany, and winning pub quizzes with Jonathan.

Won 2 out of 3 pub quizzes.  That's £80 that we got at the bar for winning! is great - met a new German friend!

Salt beef bagels on Brick Lane are worthy of the walk.  I also obviously need to go have Indian there, but I fear I may always be tempted by salt beef bagels.

Went to the Museum of London because I can walk there.  Only got through prehistory and Roman times.  Need to go back for medieval through modern times.  Great place.  Went there in 2009 with Mom.

Saw the protesters at St Paul's Cathedral.  They're were dancing when I saw them.  I can walk to St Paul's, too :)

Not impressed by Top Shop.  Sticking with H&M.

Haven't had many amazing restaurant meals here.  Paul knew some good places, so I should go back to them.  Apparently the fish & chips near my flat is divine.  Pizza Express is still good (and everywhere).

Went to 2 great pubs last night: The Gunmakers and The Lexington.