Monday, 26 December 2011

The hair...THE HAIR

All my favorite Austen hair.  If I didn't like the hair, I didn't post it here, no matter how hot the guy is / was.  Of course, I didn't post any good hair if the face isn't up to par.  No good faces with bad hair here.  Was hair really like this circa 1800?  Was it this dreamy?  I LOVE HAIR.

Here they are, by order of hair-ness:

Jeremy Northam as Mr Knightley

Rupert Penry Jones as Captain Wentworth
Colin Firth as Mr Darcy
Simon Woods as Mr Bingley
(and Matthew Macfayden as Mr Darcy,
but his hair is too lank and greasy)
James McAvoy as Tom Lefroy

And because he's my favorite, I'm listing him again, from a different angle.

Simon Woods as Mr Bingley

. . . SIGH . . .

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  1. Mr. Knightlyis by far the best. And though I like all things Colin Firth, this hair may be the exception.