Monday, 12 December 2011

School's out for winter

Classes are over.  Serious work begins.

So, obviously I spent the last day cleaning up my email.  I still have a month, after all.

Having a few interesting nights.  One was with Brittany, her two flatmates, and their friend / colleague (7 Dec).  It was an Italian-Greek-German-American smash hit.  Went to Walkabout Temple on Friday (9 Dec).  Not exactly recommended, but an alright experience.  Brick Lane for some curry on Saturday (10 Dec).  Drinks in Shoreditch apres, naturlich (I'm sure you like it when I mix all the languages I know anything about - just imagine the accent grave and umlaut).

Worked on my practice website a great deal yesterday.  I've learned a lot this year.  I must be coming up on full capacity soon ;)

I hope everyone saw the photos of my day out with Brittany last Sunday (as in 4 Dec).

Here's a nice quote from an email from a friend:

Why are you right oh so often?
I've been reading happy potter-the first book n im on chapter 9, I've
not even turned on my tv for 2weeks unless I have company cos of
reading. Blast! Only because its just more reasons to listen to you
and admit your right, curses

Here's something I want remember:

According to John Waters' Crackpot,  a hair-hopper is a "fashion victim who spends too much time on his or her 'look,' does it poorly, and sees no irony in the predicament." (p. 194)

A not so memorable chat, but amusing nonetheless
(I changed the name to anon, though clearly not to protect any innocence):

4:13 PM me: asshole
4:14 PM anon: you are the asshole
  assholery all on u
4:15 PM me: please enjoy those suggestions
4:16 PM here
 anon: fucking fuckerton

18 minutes
4:34 PM me: what

Hope I haven't missed anything.  O - maybe I'll mention I watched Four Rooms again and had forgotten it was so good!

Also, great post Becca mentioned on fb about the perils of too many internets (in case you missed my re-posts on every social media network I have).

AND I was carded twice in the last two weeks.  I don't get it.  How in the world can I pass for under 18?

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